Documentation at All Angles

Our most recent classes focusing on 3D modeling have inspired me to dig deeper into what kind of technology is allowing these rapid advances in digital documentation. Not far into my search I stumbled upon a piece of technology revolutionizing the landscape for photography, videography, modeling, and virtual reality; the 360fly.


This state of the art piece of technology separates itself from the competition with its one lens design allows 360 degree video with no stitching required. These small mountable devices are shock-proof, dust-proof, and can be place virtually anywhere. This type of endless power and capability is also combined with unmatched simplicity, as footage and photos can be seamlessly edited and tied together. For those interested in how editing with the 360fly works, the video below shows how simple and easy it is for users to create and edit the photos and videos taken on their 360fly.

While I could go on all day about why this technology is so revolutionary and such a breakthrough for the advancement of technology and videography, I’d rather pose a “what if?” scenario with this device. Recently in class our primary focus has been on 3D modeling with some talks mixed in on virtual reality. Now just think of what is possible if  the technology used in this device were to be incorporated on a massive scale for the purpose of 3D modeling and virtual reality.


While I’m sure many of you tech-nerds just got the chills thinking of the endless possibilities of wide-scale use of the 360fly, given that you’re all on my blog post, I would like to take the time to talk about the gaming and virtual reality potential that comes with this device. While there have been many incredible advances in photography recently that have helped the progression of VR, the simplicity and capability of the 360fly are nearly unmatched. People who have this product have been mainly using it as a “super-GoPro”, as they use the 360fly to document great views and athletic stunts. While this is awesome stuff for camera geeks and athletes alike, this device has yet to be utilized in a major fashion when it comes to virtual reality. My big idea for the use of this device, would be a Grand Theft Auto style game that captures every angle of a particular city using this device. Players would be able to move around the city and interact how they please VR style, as these small devices placed all around the city make the experience as real as possible. While this all seems extremely far-fetched, this is not at all the case. The 360fly has the range, price ($300-$500), portability, and durability to make this idea into a project worth pursuing. Not to mention the security benefits of having an arsenal of these devices at disposal would bring to whatever city chosen for this project.


While personally I would be most interested to see this devices used on the gaming and virtual reality side of things, I wanted to reiterate how the 360fly can be used to document nearly anything. At first I was in shock at the 3D modeling example we looked at in class, but after realizing that this type of technology exists it will be incredible to see the type of  advances made in modeling technology over the next several years. I will be thoroughly shocked if the 360fly does not completely change the landscape for 3D modeling and virtual reality, and it is my hope it will be integrated into gaming technology as well.


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