Artificial Intelligence: A humanist approach

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in recent years has created competitive advantage among nations, companies and individuals. None of us ready for this quick change but those who fail to keep up with it, fall behind. From home automation to self-driving cars, there isn’t really any industry that still works on man labor. The scope is vast as it covers the entire suite of upcoming technologies. If you wonder how the robots understand you or how the self-driving cars avoid collision or how the drone can follow you, the answer lies deep within the understanding of AI. There is so much intelligent computation, statistical analysis, neural network and complex architecture behind these pieces of hardware. With each of our move, it learns and adapts to the change in behavior. But with all the ease it provides, it is also taking over the humans. It’s rapid development may be a huge risk to our workforce. Analysts believe that the computers are taking away jobs and the unemployment will increase with increase in automation.


Elon Musk, the founder of well-known firms like SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla believes in the advancement of technology and is currently disrupting the industry with his amazing inventions. He recently said that as AI systems and automation develops as a whole, it will take over most of the human jobs and we will have to figure out universal income sources. Though technological advancement has brought more and more jobs, AI holds to power to disrupt this natural evolution by eliminating these jobs and doing the human work by itself. Today, human involvement is necessary to bring all the automation but as it progresses, there will be a point of singularity when the software will start writing it’s own piece of code.



DeepMind, an AI startup bought by Google is a neural network driven technology and uses one of Machine Learning’s concepts, Deep learning. It’s work is based on solid grounding of neuroscience as it tries to teach the computers to mimic the thought processes of our own brains, in particular how we use information to make decisions and learn from our mistakes. This is a clear indication of how the AI platforms are learning without any kind of human input. They are learning to be independent. All this amazes us but at the same time, we also wonder if all this is realistic and if the future holds anything for the humans. Everything that we had predicted impossible before two decades has now been made possible and this process looks endless.



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