The Future of Music: Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a fairly recent audio platform that seems to have the potential to take over the music industry. With the freedom to all artists to record right on the spot and upload their music, Soundcloud appeals to a myriad of upcoming artists and curious listeners. This site, which was founded in 2007 allows users all across the globe to record, share and promote their music in their own way. Soundcloud is essentially unlimited in it’s possibilities, which leads it to great success.

This site is far different from any other audio platform. Artists are able to create music right on the site, or upload it from virtually any device. There is no limit to the size of the files to be uploaded, which truly gives freedom to the artist. Another feature that separates Soundcloud from other audio platforms is the ability to either share your music publicly, or send personally to other users. Users can also join groups on Soundcloud that allow them to share and collect new music. Like any other audio platform, Soundcloud users can create playlists from tracks they enjoy and can “repost” and “like” certain tracks which will then appear on their own page. Soundcloud users are also allowed to upload as much as 180 minutes of music to their profile, and can listen to as much music as they like. All of these features are especially unique because they are given to each user for no cost.

Promoting music on Soundcloud is revolutionized as well. The site gives options to users and artists to share their music on other social media sites. This allows an artist to post their work on Facebook and Twitter which ultimately gives them bigger audience.   No other audio platform allows artists to do this with such ease and no cost. With all of these revolutionized features for free, Soundcloud reaches a wide range of audiences and artists who would otherwise not have the opportunity to share their music.

With all of these amazing features for no cost, it is surprising to see that Soundcloud hasn’t gotten more recognition. No other site has the features that Soundcloud offers, and yet it seems that other sites such as Spotify and iTunes are still preceding it. In my opinion, because of the audience Soundcloud appeals to, it does not get as much publicity as one may think. Because of its accessibility, Soundcloud appeals to mainly grassroots artists. This is what makes the site so unique, but it also hinders the site’s popularity. The artists on this site have no need to send the work to a producer, which is essentially a good thing, however, without the support from a record label, these artists do not get as much promotion as they could. The future of Soundcloud artists remains in their abilities to self-promote and grow on their own. If Soundcloud perhaps partnered up with a new web platform solely for promotional purposes for artists, perhaps it could become one of the most used music tools of our generation.

Overall, Soundcloud is an innovative and universal way to listen to and discover new music. It allows people all over the world to upload their own creations and share on their own terms. Soundcloud is unlike any other audio platform in so many ways, and appeals to such a large audience. This site offers so much freedom for no cost, and for those reasons and many more, it has the real potential to become the future of music.

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