Google Glass: Revolutionizing the Way We See

Over the summer before I came back to school I was watching America’s Got Talent. Doesn’t sound like a place you’d be watching the use of Google Glass, does it? But this summer there was a contestant who had lost almost all of his eyesight. The amazing thing? He was a dancer. He was able to do amazing things, he could spin, leap, and glide across the stage. And it was all made possible by Google Glass. The technology allowed him to see with his limited vision depictions and layouts of the stage, the audience and other surrounding features. The small screen right against his prescription glasses opened up a world of sight that was soon closing to him.

Google glass allows you to do all the things a smartphone would allow you to do: reminders, maps, photos, weather, and so much more. All hands free, it was an innovative creation to revolutionize our world. Through the use of it there are, well now were, so many possibilities of things we could do. We could have limitless technology no longer at our fingertips, but right from the tip of our tongue. All we would have to say was “Ok Google” and the options were endless.

Glass could be used for many purposes including the digital humanities. With the ability to see maps simply by asking for it, people have the capabilities to travel anywhere they want. For instance, people could use Glass to simply travel the busy streets of New York, finding short cuts and hidden “gems”, and then taking photos to share on social media and connect with other people. Or people can go traveling across the country, or across the world. They can then use the photo app and take pictures of sights or historic landmarks to document, all without having to carry the outdated bulky tools previously used.

What other things could we be doing with Google Glass? Could we be creating new maps of places uncharted? We could be taking Glass into the Amazon Rainforest to record what is left of it before it’s all gone. Or we could use it to take a look into the past. We could go to historical sites and simply by looking at the sites and archaeological remains, and simply say “Ok Google, tell me about this” and we could have a library of knowledge all at our disposal. With the use of Glass, we could learn so much more about our world than we already do, and the knowledge that only people with specialized knowledge knew. Could Google Glass be like the modern printing press, making new information and knowledge available to the public?

Google Glass is revolutionizing the ways we can see. Whether it’s physically helping us to be able to see like with the boy on America’s Got Talent, or it’s transforming the way we see our world, everyday technology is improving our lives. With the invention of Glass we’re able to see the world through a new lens. Unfortunately for everyone that didn’t buy one at the time, Glass has been stopped from production, but hopefully will one day be available to us all again.

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