Engaging, enlightening, enraging, and delighting: the wide world of tech.

Honors 391a

Spring, 2015

Over the last few weeks a number of truly interesting, sobering, and even heartwarming stories about technology have crosses my inbox and twitter feed. Here they are:

There’s a new, J-Term intensive initiative from the Five Colleges: Applied Humanities Learning Lab

On the issue of wearable technologies (like Google Glass) and their origins, a remarkable episode has posted from a remarkable new podcast. Listen to “Our Computers, Ourselves” from Invisibilia.

Men (Still) Explain Technology to Me: Gender and Education Technology” tackles gender imbalance in tech and its culture that required the invention of the term “mansplaining”.

Tech is doing bad in the world too, sometimes just for being in the world: ewaste. Then what do we do?

3D Printing isn’t just for archaeologists to remake ancient artifacts or for politicians to worry over plastic guns, its also to bring real, tangible, benefit and joy to the world (click link for video):

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