Three cool things: a tool, a resource, and a production

Three really cool things have come through my email and twitter over the last couple of weeks.

A cool tool: oTranscribe

A cool Resource: Digital Augustan Rome


A cool production: Data-Driven DJ



Naturally, the resource portal on Augustan Rome interested me first, but subsequently has not interested me most. The shift in my opinion has come two sources. The first is surely from the novelty of the project in the Data-Driven DJ. To “sonify” income inequality is such an unique mechanism, but it is one that relies on both powerful connections between hearing and cognition and under-acknowledged cultural landscapes of sound. The other, oTranscribe, is impressive for the convergence of simplicity and impact. It is a really simple tool that will ensure that much more social science research gets done by nothing more than instituting efficiency in one of the most necessary, time-consuming, and painful of tasks: transcription. I find myself in awe of these kinds of simple yet transformative tools, but also in opposition to my friend and colleague, Bill Caraher’s worries over mechanization, routinization, and commodification of intellectual endeavors.

An exciting time to have no answers.




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