Class E-mail

Hello everyone!

I created a gmail account and synced it to the iPad so that we can now upload our scans and e-mail them to whomever we want.

The e-mail account is: and the password is UMassHonors391a .

01 - SfkJYnz

        The photo I used for our gmail.

In case anybody was curious, I’ll post the link for the Google Doc I made —-> Here.  You can edit this from the e-mail as well, I gave it full permissions.

I still have absolutely no idea how to send images from Google Glass to myself, so I sent them to the contact ‘Eric E. Poehler’, I’m sorry if you suddenly receive an absurd amount of spam.

Good luck everyone, and let me know if you want me to set anything else up or make any clarifications.


Jacob Prescott

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