Apply for Five Colleges Digital Humanities Micro-Grants and Fellowships


Submissions due the 17th of every month
on a rolling basis.

The Five College Consortium welcomes applications for Digital Humanities Microgrants for the 2014 – 2015 academic year. Undergraduate students and mixed groups of undergraduate students, faculty, and staff at any of the Five Colleges are invited to submit applications for small projects that engage in innovative ways the intersections of digital technology and the humanities. Applications will also be accepted to defray travel costs to present digital humanities work beyond the Five Colleges.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The first round of applications is due October 17th, at 5 PM. Future applications will be due at 5 PM on November 17th, December 17th, January 17th, February 17th, and March 17th.

Grant applications should not normally exceed $250; however, grant applications up to $500 are possible (for example, in cases of substantial travel costs). Applications will be evaluated in regards to the excellence and innovation of the proposal and the proposal’s feasibility within its stated timeframe.

Ideally, our microgrants should be placed in conjunction with other sources of funding.

Microgrants can be used, for instance, to defray costs for materials such as hardware, software, storage and web hosting, artists’ supplies, or building materials, as well as to offset costs associated with travel to conferences to learn or to present on the proposed project.

Examples of potential grant requests, meant as inspiration:

  • Defraying costs for travel to a THATCamp to present a workshop on DH skills.
  • Purchasing podcasting software for a web series on video games, gender, and representation.
  • Acquiring micro-computers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi to build interactive digital art installations.
  • Travel to a conference to learn metadata and coding standards for a digital installation on trade in the Pre-Columbian Americas.
  • Successful applicants will be required to provide reflective output, generally in the form of a blog post for the Five College Digital Humanities website, either within one month after the conclusion of their project or event.

Interested students are also strongly encouraged to attend an information session hosted by 5CollDH, details of which can be found here.


5CollDH Microgrants are open to all undergraduate students throughout the Five Colleges, or from mixed groups of students, faculty, and staff, with the understanding that the students are the project’s primary investigators, will manage the project’s funds, and will provide the reflective output required by the microgrant. Group applicants should note that funding will not change commensurate with the number of people in the project, and individual microgrants will be awarded up to $500.


If you have specific questions regarding the microgrants, please contact Jeffrey Moro, Kimberly Bain, or Mariel Nyröp, post-bacs in residence for 5CollDH.


Submissions due October 17th, 2014

Successful recipients will be notified by October 31st, 2014


The Five College Consortium welcomes applications for the 2014 – 2015 Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellowships. Sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students at any of the Five Colleges are invited to submit proposals for creative and/or scholarly projects that draw together the humanities and substantial work with digital resources and/or technologies.

The Fellowship includes a $1000 educational stipend, support for research expenses up to $500, work with a project mentor, and active participation in a fellows’ seminar. Fellows will also be eligible to apply for additional funding to attend conferences to learn relevant techniques and information or to present their results.

What are the digital humanities? Projects in the Digital Humanities can emerge from any combination of academic disciplines, but nonetheless demonstrate a commitment to sharing of tools, methods, and insight. Such projects are often driven by new connections between thinkers and makers, and ideally transform how we connect with others through scholarship.

For instance, projects might focus on innovative, humanistic applications of digital mapping, computational arts in installation or performance, database or web resource design, public interfaces for knowledge sharing, or the interpretive study of the humanities’ relationship with digital technologies. In all cases, proposed projects should result in a piece of independent and original work that can be shared with the community, whether that be scholarly research, a curated exhibit, a multimedia performance, or a piece of software.

Digital humanities projects rarely succeed through the work of a single researcher working in isolation, hence interested students are strongly encouraged to seek out and to propose collaborative opportunities across disciplines. Preference in Fellowship awards will be given to proposals that include interdisciplinary collaborators, be they fellow students with similar interests or useful skills, research librarians, instructional technologists, or faculty members. While proposed projects should deal principally with questions related to the humanities, students do not have to be humanities majors or concentrators at their institutions.

Work on each proposed  project must begin before November 1st, 2014 and be finished by June 1st, 2015. Fellows must participate in an intensive January Term workshop, attend regular meetings with peers and advisors from Five College Digital Humanities throughout the year, present their projects at a public symposium during the spring semester, and contribute to a running fellows’ blog.

Proposals should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation, submitted via Interfolio, from a faculty member familiar with the student’s work and proposed project.  (If the proposed project forms any part of the student’s curricular obligations, whether for a thesis, capstone project or independent study, the student should consult his or her academic department for policies on due dates and submission requirements.)

In advance of applying, students are strongly encouraged to consult with their faculty recommenders; with Marisa Parham, Faculty Director of Five College Digital Humanities; and/or with Jeffrey Moro, Five College Digital Humanities Senior Post-Baccalaureate Resident. Interested students are also strongly encouraged to attend an information workshop on applying for the Fellowship. Details about workshops can be found here.


Currently enrolled sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students at one of the campuses in the Five College consortium (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst) are eligible to apply.


All applications are due via Interfolio by 5 PM, October 17th, 2014. Please note that late applications or applications submitted any way other than Interfolio will not be accepted.

Applications must include:

  1. A description of the proposed project including a timeline, possible collaborators, and the likely final format (1500 words maximum).
  2. A description of the student’s scholarly and/or creative background and his or her preparation for this project. (500 words maximum). In the header, please include email, class year, and a campus address.
  3. An outline of the project’s proposed budget if supplies and/or travel for research or to present at conferences is expected. Funding for supplies or other research expenses, other than travel to conferences, may not exceed $500. Travel expenses, if applicable, should be listed separately.
  4. A letter of support from a faculty member addressing the student’s strengths and preparation for the work proposed as well as the project conception.

Please note: You will not have to purchase an Interfolio account to apply for this position. Please click on the button at the bottom of the Interfolio page, and follow the instructions to sign up for an account. Do not try to sign in through a participating institution, as this will prompt you to pay for an account. If you have any trouble with the application, please contact Jeffrey Moro.


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