Facial Recognition with Google Glass

In class, a few of us mentioned the applications of facial recognition technology in conjunction with Google Glass, and I’m pleased to announce that there are a few endeavors out there right now that mirrored our own thoughts on the subject.

You can find the entire article here, but I’ll note the key points in this post as well as elaborate on what I think would be neat.

This article focuses on equipping the police force in Dubai with Google Glass that has facial recognition software so that they can look for wanted criminals.  It might seem an absurdly expensive move, but the Dubai Police Force is the same force that has $400,000 Lamborghini’s patrolling the streets in rich neighborhoods to promote Dubai’s image of prosperity, so the $1,500 price tag of Google Glass isn’t a sticking point.


The article links to other columns on the use of Google Glass in emergency rooms and an effort by the FBI to vamp up the number of faces in it’s database to make the most of facial recognition software as a tool to counter criminal activity.

Back to the doctors. They apparently use Google Glass to bring up a patient’s records and medical history before operating, but I think it would be a valuable tool in the operating room as well. When operating, doctors often use small, insertable cameras to view problems inside of a patient. Why not stream the camera directly to Google Glass so that you have a view of the inside of your patient as you look at your hands instead of having to look at a separate screen elsewhere in the room? It would be similar to having x-ray vision, only not quite as cool and morally questionable.

I, too, found this while browsing reddit, so I have to give credit to Jeffrey for leading me in the right direction in regards to contemporary news regarding technology. I typically tend towards browsing imgur and The Onion, but dog pictures and satirical, social commentary do not often provide me with a solid knowledge of new developments in electronics.

-Jake Prescott

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