Something Similar to the Structure Sensor

Quite a bit of consonance we have here, don’t we? I’m an avid browser of Reddit, usually dabbling in r/mildlyinteresting (well, more like really interesting nowadays), r/leagueoflegends (because I use too much time playing this game and watching the World Championship happening right now), and most importantly, in r/woahdude, where I found a link to a new app that is really similar to the structure sensor! Here’s the imgur link:

The company’s name is 123D App, and they’ve developed a system of generating 3D objects with a series of 20 pictures taken around the object. They have many more compatible apps out there that enhance the experience, very much like our beloved structure sensor. Maybe it could be something to look into as reference for our projects? Maybe we can even try it out for ourselves! Only problem is that I don’t know if it costs money to use. Once my Wi-Fi comes back online here, I can check the Apple App Store.

On another note, I’m planning on developing and taking off on my idea soon. I’ll be focusing on the “construction blueprint” idea on a much smaller and simpler scale. I’m going to go back to our first day, and somehow take some structure sensor pieces of isolated Legos and some fantastical construct built from this complex interlocking brick system, attaching some numbers to each piece. Then, either using an image database directly on Google Glass, or an online database like imgur, calling out some command and the number of the piece will direct you to the image of the Lego block.

Please, please, please let me know if you have any ideas about how I can improve on this, and I’ll be happy to try to come up with some feedback on your ideas! Hoping to hear from you guys, too, and I wish you guys the best of luck in your brainstorming!

Jeffrey Tsai


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