Inspiration from above or at least from Twitter.

Honors 391A

Doing the Digital Humanities

Fall 2014

Today we should have gained some perspective and experience with the devices we’ll using our course projects: Google Glass and the Structure Sensor. I hope the taps to your imagination are now twisted fully open as well. One idea that came in a tweet is that we might use the Structure Sensor to model each part of a common, useful item that might be then 3D printed out when the cost for doing so are reduced.

I’m not thinking of anything so controversial as a drone. I’m not even thinking of something as useful as getting parts for the Global Village Construction Set (see also here). Maybe just something easy. Just a few parts. Something you use a lot and want to share with others.

Further inspiration came from Twitter. Occipital, the company that makes the Structure Sensor, announced a big update to the product: calibration of the scanner and the addition of color scanning. That info jogged my memory on the excellent “Get Started” pages they have.

You should really check out their feed, too. Great stuff! For example:

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