Reliving My 7th Grade Computer Class


Daniel Dietz

During this course we have been introduced to a wide range of different tools. This is the nature of this class. Heading into it this is what I expected. I had not real past experience with digital humanities so, I thought all the tools we learned about would be completely new.

However, I was greatly surprised when the group presented the tool Sketch up. This tool sounded really familiar but, I did not know why. It was not until the person presenting opened the tool up. This is when I saw the character that it brought me back into the class room of my 7th grade computer class.

SketchUp Interface







In my 7th grade computer class we were given the opportunity to learn Sketch up in a project to design our own version of the school. With this project we had to hit certain dimension requirements. I remember it being difficult to be able to stay in some of the required dimensions. I remember some of the projects looking something like this.








Ok maybe my assignment was not this good but, it is hard to remember exactly what mine looked like from when I was in 7th grade. We will just say that mine was one of the better looking ones.

Now that I know that Sketch is still around and even better than ever I am going to play around in it to try to see what I can create.


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