New DH Tools, Travels, and Medicine

Shelby Brown

            Today marked the first day of in-class presentations and one new tool that was introduced to us was Panono. Panono caught my attention immediately and it’s concept had me dreaming of how I could use Panono in my travels. Every year I travel somewhere special to me, whether it be VT (I visit often and have a deep love for the VT countryside), KS, Canada, Spain, Finland, Portugal, NY, or France, and I take hundreds of pictures, trying to capture all of the moments and scenes that I love the most.

            This Summer has a lot of travel in store for me, I am visiting family in KS the day after finals end, studying abroad in Spain for 5 weeks, going to Portugal for a week of that time and following my Spain adventures with a trip to Finland where I have distant relatives (my ancestors came to America from Finland about 7 generations ago). In all of my traveling I am certain that I will return with hundreds of photos as an effort to capture all of the new things that I experience and the beautiful cultures that I’ll be learning about.

            I think that a tool such as Panono, one that captures such a vast area in a flick of the wrist would be a tool paramount to someone who travels frequently. Personally, I would use Panono to capture beautiful architecture, metropolitan centers in Spain and the countryside of Finland. Being able to then transform these panoramas into pictures and videos would be something straight out my dreams. I could show my mother Finland the same way I saw it, show my grandparents Spain and would be able to visit all of my favorite places whenever I pleased.

            If Panono could be taken one step further to incorporate sounds and smells, like a digital imprint of what all of the senses most important to memory capture, I think this would be a huge step forward not only in creating digital worlds, but also in creating a world in which even people without much money or without the ability to travel can become more knowledgeable about the worlds that they don’t see everyday. To me, traveling is essential to the growth of the mind and of the soul, and I think if this tool could be improved or integrated with other tools/more features that we could make the experiences of traveling much more accessible to everyone and expand everyone’s scope of knowledge.

            Additionally, I think a tool like Panono can be integrated into the medical field, especially into the field of psychology. People with anxiety and other stress related disorders could benefit tremendously from Panono. If a pair of googles/glasses could be created in which you could then turn your head (similar to turning and tilting an ipad to see different parts of the panorama) then one would be able to have a panorama of place that calms them, makes them feel safe or brings them instant joy and be able to virtually go to that place while blocking out the rest of the world. For me, a panorama of the top of Okemo mountain or of the fields outside my grandparents house would be the perfect place to go in the midst of an anxiety attack. If these digital worlds could be created, they could then be used to help individuals get their stress and anxiety under control and could be used in that sense to help psychologists treat their patients. Another medical application of this concept would be to create a digital world for children in hospitals with chronic or serious diseases/injuries to go to as an escape from hospital life or as a way to soothe them as they go into surgery.

            I think a tool like this could be amazing in both the professional and personal realms of everyday life and that many people could benefit from its use. I look forward to it’s full release and can’t wait to see what applications it brings forth.


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