My Favorites

Emma Klinkhamer

Now that we have delved into a lot of digital humanity tools I can pick which ones are my favorites! First, I really like Trello as a tool for staying organized. I think the card aspect is a simple and easy way of keeping track of everything you have to do. Trello would be perfect for a big group project (such as the one we are doing). I can see my using Trello in the future for some of my big engineering projects. This way people can get all their work done on time and simultaneously keep track of everyone else’s progress.

Another tool I liked was the Youtube editing tool. I go on Youtube a lot but have never ventured into the realm of making my own video. The editing tools are neat because you can make any kind of video you want. For example you could make an instructional video by putting text in the video. Or you could even a picture to demonstrate a concept. Lastly you could add sound bites.

Another sharing tool that we hinted at but did not really go into is dropbox. I use dropbox for absolutely everything. The main reason I use dropbox is for my notes I take at school. Last summer I purchased a tablet and I take all my notes digitally. I then convert all these notes to PDF and store them on my dropbox. This way I have all my notes from the past two years. A lot of my classes are cumulative so this is extremely helpful. For example, if I am doing a reaction mechanism for Orgo II and need concepts from Orgo I, I can easily refer to my saved notes on dropbox.

I really enjoyed learning about all the digital humanities tools. However, these few are my favorite simply because I think they fit well in with my life and what I do. I really liked the geo-referencing tools but I just don’t really know when I would use them. The other tools that I mentioned would definitely fit well into my life. In the future when I am doing a group assignment I will definitely use these tools!


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