Keeping Track of it All

Shelby Brown

As a student at UMass who’s classes use a variety of different websites for homework and other assignments (such as Owl, Moodle, Connect, and class-specific websites), I can see the benefits of a program like Trello that tracks progress on projects and essentially works as a massive online to-do list.


            I personally will probably never use Trello after this semester, simply because I am more inclined to hand writing a master schedule of homework and other obligations for myself and prefer not to rely on technology to remind me when I have something to do or have something due. However, in today’s society I find that the majority of people prefer to rely on technology to keep track of their appointments and commitments.


Saying such, I believe that if UMass utilized an application like Trello, but with the additional power of being able to sync all of the due-dates from each student’s various class pages, then many students would have a much easier time scheduling their days so as to get all of their work done. The system that UMass currently uses, one that requires the student to keep track of various separate websites for their classes, sets students up to miss assignments and due dates. A collective application with all of the students class information and work on it would be much easier to track and if it were similar to Trello, students could even divvy up large projects into more manageable pieces. UMass adopting the spirit of Trello would give many more students the chance to successful in their classes and in their time-management skills.


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