College Students Dream

Elizabeth Nadeau

Instead of looking at a tool that exists, this class has inspired me to dream up a tool that I feel would be extremely beneficial to all college students, especially here at Umass Amherst. After being here for almost two years, I have had to create logins and use close to ten different websites for all for all of my school information including but not limited to Spire, Umail, Google mail/apps, Moodle, Blackboard, Spark, WordPress, and more. Currently I have two classes working off of Moodle and three off of Blackboard. I, as well as many other students, have found this to be extremely confusing, frustrating and time consuming. Having assignments on multiple sites allows for miscommunication and makes it easy for students to get overwhelmed and lose track of their work and miss deadlines. While all of the information on these digital tools is critical, having this many sites is extremely inefficient.

I have recently been dreaming of a digital tool that will combine these sites into one, easy to use tool that allows students to keep up with work without all of this confusion. This tool would have different tabs for the uses of each of the essential websites we now have. It would have one page that gave school wide updates such as breaking news and the like. It would have another tab that brought you to something similar to Spire from which you can pick classes and manage your Umass bills. The next tab would combine Moodle, Blackboard, Spark, and WordPress. It would have the student’s classes with easy to manage assignment links. The following tab would be the student’s email. Next to the email tab would be a messages tab that created group messages for each of the student’s classes so that the class can communicate as a whole and professors do not have to respond to fifty emails asking the same thing. Lastly, there would be a calendar tab that automatically combined every class’ assignments onto one calendar making it very organized for students and give them the opportunity to excel.

Most importantly this website would have an app that could be downloaded to phones, Ipads, ect. This would provide a huge convenience for students who are always on their phones and live a pretty mobile life, especially on such a large campus. It would have optional pop –up notifications and reminders for students for upcoming assignments and test dates. This tool would help every student here at Umass to achieve due to its extreme efficiency and organization.


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