Organization is Key

Elizabeth Nadeau
Honors Blog Post 1

For The Old Chapel Project I have been closely working with the digital tool Trello. Being assigned a tool I had never previously worked with seemed like a daunting task but I quickly realized this would not be the case. After a little bit of navigating, I was able to see the importance of this tool and how helpful it will be to me for both this project and in my own life.

The goal of Trello is to organize a project and allow for coordination and communication between the people working on it. It keeps track of the big picture while keeping in mind every little detail. For this project, it will give us the opportunity to communicate with each other without the bombardment of emails to our professor and fellow classmates. It will also allow for our professor to keep track of our work and see where we are at with our project. Aside form the Old Chapel Project, this website will keep our class organized throughout the entire semester. It provides a place for us to bounce ideas off of each other and keep track of where other students are in the course work. I think that the use of this website will help to create for an easy and smooth semester for our class.

Individually, I see a great need for the use of this website in my academic career. Currently, we use email and Moodle to keep track of schoolwork and coordinate with fellow students on projects and assignments. I have found both of these tools to be extremely confusing and time consuming. Trello would allow for all of this to be in one place. Students can have their own account and create boards for certain classes. Under these boards they can create cards for certain assignments and invite their groups members to it. In this card, they can keep track of everything and keep in touch without constantly checking emails and trying to search back for previous emails (which is never an easy task). They can also allow their professor access to this card and ask questions or receive feedback throughout their working process. I truly believe in the use of Trello among college students and think it would benefit everyone. I think that it should be adopted by universities, such as Umass Amherst and serve as a tool for students to manage their classes and communicate with professors and classmates.

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