Week 6: Mapping (GIS) and Tracking (Trello)

First, good presentations by the Trello and GIS teams this week.

Trello is a simple, but especially powerful tool for organizing teams of people.  If you haven’t signed up for Trello or given your ID to the Trello team, do so now. Seriously, do it now, please. They have a tracking card for this and will be ticking off those who have signed up and letting me know about the progress.

ArcGIS is similarly a very powerful tool, but it is neither simple nor easy to learn. Our “GIS Lite” team did well to Georeference the maps of campus and layer them sequentially.  They should not, however, be made accountable for understanding all of what GIS is or does. My presentation (slides here) was an attempt to illustrate some of the more advanced uses of the program.  If GIS interests you and you want to learn more, Harvard Library has some great video explanations and tutorials in three parts:

ESRI has also (for now) set up some new “Sharpen your skills” resources.

Finally, I mentioned that the UMass campus has its own GIS maps online. See the Campus Explorer here.

Next Week: DM (hint: DM folks, get in touch).

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