Week 4: Digitization

Ok, Doing the Digital Humanities, it is on. Tomorrow we will digitize materials from the UMass Libraries Special Collections concerning the Old Chapel building.  We will be working in four teams: Scanning, Editing, OCR, and Metadata. If you don’t know what team you’re on by now, shame, but look here.

Here’s our proposed workflow (if you want, download the pptx slide):


First, we will all work with the Scanning Team to get the document scanning started (DHL-8). If you’re on the scanning team, be sure you watch the scanning tutorial. Once the documents are being processed, we will move to the OCR Team‘s station (DHL-9), who will assign batches of files to metadata teams while they wait for the final edited documents to become available. We’ll return to this at the end.

Next, I’ll introduce the metadata collection process to the Metadata Team (DHL-1 to DHL-4) via a short tutorial and explanation of our shared work space: a Google spreadsheet. For those who want to look now, the spreadsheet we’ll all be working on is here. As the metadata is being created, the files are being assigned, and the documents scanned, I’ll sit with the Editing Team (DHL-7) in preparation to run the files are they are finished, or finishing.

We’ll see how far we can get in about 35 minutes and then reconvene around the Editing and OCR teams to see how that process works out. Any remaining time will be spent on hearing your reactions, criticisms, and suggestions regarding the process.

Two reminders while I have your attention:

  1. Tell me you class tool preferences if you have not yet. Expect another blog post on this soon.
  2. Remember that you have two blog responses due over the course of the semester. If tomorrow is particularly good (or bad) and drives your imagination (or ire), then take notes to remember and perhaps pictures to illustrate.

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