Week 3 – The week that wasn’t; Week 4 – The week that will.

Who doesn’t love a snow day? The sudden lifting of all your daily duties to be replaced by hot chocolate and wistful stares out to the white washed world…

Well, that snow day has sort of messed with our schedule. According to the syllabus, we are meant to be dealing with Digital Collections platforms (Omeka http://www.omeka.net/and Zotero  http://www.zotero.org/) as well as major online repositories (Internet Archive  https://archive.org/ and Hathi Trust  http://www.hathitrust.org/) this week.  On the other hand, without the creation of the digital content our week on digitization was supposed to provide, we’ll have some pretty empty platforms to play with. Still, we might find something on the YouMass site, or in those repositories just mentioned.

But, the class abides, dude. Depending our ability to get the materials to the DHI lab this week, we may or may not work on digitizing. I will let you know as soon as I know where our class will meet and what topics we shall discuss. Still, you should be prepared either to digitize (Week 3) or discuss platforms/respositories (Week 4). No change in expectations there. One other potential solution is that our Week 5 – a collaborative work day – might be co-opted to serve as the digitization day.  Make sense? Hope so.

Finally, just to remind, the assignments for digitization are posted here.

Also, if you haven’t yet provided me with your preferred tools for the Old Chapel Project, do that now.


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