Week 2: the makings of a plan intended as a recap

These are my pre-class notes about what I wanted to talk about, but halfway through writing them them seemed more appropriate as a recap of the class, which is assuming I actually do cover this material and don’t just wander off…

Lego exercise: an attempt to show the value of making and to dispel the false sense of paralysis one feels when starting to work on a project with neither instructions nor a clearly defined goal.

Instructor introduction: Better get this out of the way.

Defining DH and understanding “Critical Humility: What are the contours of the digital humanities? What do people say it is? …and what it isn’t?   Concerning “Being Wrong”, it is essential to get over the compulsion to that one must be right, especially the first time. Let yourself be wrong, let others be wrong. Make the space to get it right. “Right” is the eventual goal of intellectual struggle, though it is itself destined to obsolescence by the temporary wrongness of future investigations.

Syllabus and course project(s): Hone your self interests and imaginations to decide upon what tools you prefer to specialize in and what topics you’d consider applying them to. A poll and sign-up may follow in this space or elsewhere.

Sign-ins and Sign-ups: If you don’t have an account to these, get one:

Examples of DH in my work, the PQP and PBMP.


Digital Archaeological Practice Workshop: attendance is desired but not mandatory.

Team Assignments for next week will be organized shortly… your opinions will be solicited and all attempts to honor them will be made. Teams will be:

– Scanning
– Editing
– Metadata


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