Old Chapel Project

From the Syllabus:

To put some of these concepts in to practice, as a class we will document and analyze the Old Chapel building on the UMass campus. Each week we will attempt to apply the concepts and resources we learn about to the content we generate about the Old Chapel. Clearly, we cannot (and should not) all become experts in every DH tool. Instead, teams of students will specialize in one tool that will be used to publish, enrich, enhance, analyze and transform our digital content. These tools are:

  1. WordPress.com; webpage and blog
  2. Trello; web-based project management environment
  3. BookDrive; digitizing and editing software
  4. Omeka; online collections and exhibits
  5. DM; text and image annotation and linking environment
  6. GIS “lite”; Georeferencing of historical maps
  7. Photoscan123D Catch, & Sketch-up: 3D modeling


Below is a form for you to tell me what your top four choices are for tools to learn. These are listed above.